When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us place a lot of focus and attention on the more obvious rooms such as the kitchen or the living room. These are the rooms where we spend most of our time and are the spaces that visitors to our home will see most of. However, I’ve always thought that there is one room in particular that many people leave as an afterthought - the powder room.

Because this room is usually small and hidden away, it is all too easy to give it a quick lick of paint, shove in a plant and close the door. To me, this is such a wasted opportunity! The powder room is the one room in your home that a guest will be left completely alone to examine and really analyse their surroundings. It is a wonderful chance to really show off your personal style and create a space that is memorable and welcoming. 

Here are my tips to add charm and individuality to your powder room without even touching a paint brush. These are all small things you can incorporate that will add personality to your powder room and leave your guests feeling wowed.

1. Have the best hand soap and lotion you can find. 


Your choice of hand soap and lotion says a lot about who you are. I always like to use floral scented soaps for hand wash and lotion as I love gardens and nature. I also pick soap and lotion that are visually appealing - look at the packaging - does it have a pretty bottle that will add beauty to the room? For me, the bottle and packaging is more important than the scent. 

I also like to have a little basket filled with beautiful soap bars. They are more for decoration than practical purposes but really do look elegant. 

2. Linen hand towels


Linen is a special way to add more style and beauty to your powder room. Rather than having one large hand towel which quickly becomes damp and dirty, I like to have a stack of small hand towels in a little basket next to the sink so that guests can take them individually and dry their hands using a clean, beautiful towel. 

This is also a fun way to incorporate monograms and other fun designs into the room. A monogrammed set of towels in your powder room will look super smart and shows that you really care about the details. 


You will also needs to provide a waste basket so that the used hand towel can be discarded after use. This is another beautiful thing to add to the room. 


3. Candles and Scent.

I absolutely adore home fragrance and think it is such a special way to beautify the home. What is more welcoming than coming into the house and being greeted by a glorious scent? Adding a candle or reed-diffuser to your powder room will really elevate it to the next level. 

There are so many wonderful options for candles and home fragrance now, and many of them come in beautiful packing. I see scented candles as little ornaments and I think they are such a lovey addition to any room. 

4. Add in furniture. 

Where space allows I always like to add in a beautiful piece of furniture or two to make the powder room feel more like a room and less like a clinical space. A little chair is also a nice touch, sometimes you may need a place to rest your bag, or just somewhere to sit whilst you tie your shoelace. 

5. Add interest with art and photographs.


The powder room is a wonderful place to hang art and photographs. It’s really the only chance a guest will have to take the time to really look and take in what’s on your walls without feeling too nosey. 

Was there a time when you met a member of the royal family? Stuck that photograph on the wall where it will definitely be noticed!

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