Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Christmas Tea

Evoking the most wonderful memories of the festive season, this sensory experience is the beginning of a heavenly tea-drinking journey as you enjoy the aroma, pour the tea, and then slowly sip away, savouring each cup. 

Christmas is a time for nostalgia and pleasure. For Nicolas, it’s the time to appreciate the small things that make life so pleasurable. This tea encapsulates this special time of the year. Enjoy the flavoring of black china tea, orange peel, cloves, almonds, hibiscus flowers, blue cornflowers, sunflowers, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
*NOTE - Allergy warning: The tea contains almond nuts. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christine Bly
This tea is so original

I've never had a tea like it. It has a complex combination of autum and winter flavors which makes it difficult to describe. But I will say......I absolutely love it!

Jennie Vargas
5 Star Tea

NF Christmas tea is excellent. I HIGHLY recommend. I bought an extra bag to give as a gift. Wonderful.

Marta Nicholson
Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Christmas Tea

Really enjoyed!

Christine Lockwood

I was very disappointed that it sold out so quickly.

Andrew Gabert
Ecstatic NF Christmas Tea Customer

My Christmas guests raved about the fresh Christmas/nutty flavours of Nicolas Fairford's Christmas Tea. The fuss to order Tea from half way around the world was rewarded with a special treat to share with my family and friends; Nicolas was in my corner this Christmas with the perfect entertaining experience of specialty tea from Scotland.

Beautiful NF Products

We have bought NF products before and have been struck by their quality; his Christmas Tea is no exception. Buy with confidence and fill your kitchen with a beautiful holiday fragrance, followed by some of the best tea available!

Really good stuff!

It’s like Christmas in a cup! Really enjoying this tea. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll have a cup right now!

Sandy Lowry

Very enjoyable flavor delicious.

An Excellent Christmas Tea

The aroma is exquisite and there are delightful bursts of blue, red, and yellow color from the flower petals and other herbs. My impression of the scent is a complex and beautiful blend of something lightly fruity, floral, mixed spices, and nuttiness. The spices do not overpower the other components. All ingredients seem to be interlocked into an equal dance and this is now one of my favorite teas. In particular, I like to enjoy mine with a dash of honey and vegan creamer. I highly recommend this tea (for anyone who does not have nut allergies).
Thank you Nicolas & team xoxo

Anna Poole
Christmas in a teacup!

I am writing my review based on all of Nicolas' products I have experienced. While I know the tea will bring all the pleasures of Christmas and the slowing (hopefully) of this joyous season, I am anticipating the first smell and taste. I love the previous teas I have bought and will no doubt enjoy this as well! I am just thrilled that there are more products still coming out!!!! Thank you Nicolas!