Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Almond Tea


This is an aromatic black tea blend with a heavenly, sweet taste of almonds.

Evoking the taste of one of Nicolas’s favorite desserts, Bakewell Tart, this wonderful blend is a tea-time treat that will satisfy a sweet tooth, and soothe you into a peaceful afternoon.

The earthy, nutty taste is complementary to a cosy autumnal day sitting in front of a roaring fire.

*NOTE - Allergy warning: The tea contains almond nuts. 

Customer Reviews

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faerie astrology
Amazing almond

The scent of this tea will transport you to paradise - not only does it brew a deliciously sweet cup of tea, but it's great to scatter with potpourri

Susan Savelli
Heaven in a Cup

The almond tea is magnificent. A perfect way to wind down my day.


I had posted an review earlier stated that I hadn’t received the tea I had ordered. I finally received it the other day and it’s delicious. Thank you.

Terri Bernal
Not delivered

I order the tea the last weekend in November. I haven’t received it yet. Disappointed.

Terri Bernal

Alexander Diaz
Loose Leaf Almond Tea

My friends and I absolutely adore this team. The taste is clean and refreshing. Would I buy it again? Absolutely!


The tea has a comforting toasted almond taste that helps me relax and unwind at the end of the workday. I received it in the US fairly quickly after placing the order. I can’t find anything comparable here. It is simply Devine!

Jennie Vargas
Almond Delight

Thank you for creating this one. Almond tea is a treat when I can find one. What a kick to discover you now have in your tea collection. Very well done !!!

Excellent flavor

This tea is so delicious and comforting. Just the right amount of almond flavor. Highly recommend.

Moira S Johnson
Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Almond Tea

I enjoy drinking the Loose Leaf Almond Tea while watching Niclas Fairford Youtube vlogs.


Luana W.
Fabulous Aroma!!!

As soon as I opened the package of tea, the lovely soft almond aroma filled the area where I was standing. The aromatic experience was superb. Almond is my very favorite flavoring and I love almonds as my favorite nut. Even better than chocolate! And to have the almond tea with my sugar and milk, my evenings are peaceful and I look forward to them. Sippnig the almond tea is such a pleasure. Glad I got 2! I made the tart as well and it is very delicious. Thank you for formulating this quality tea and very unique!! You should spread your marketing out as most folks may have never had such a grand flavor tea.