Nicolas Fairford Loose Leaf Almond Tea


This is an aromatic black tea blend with a heavenly, sweet taste of almonds.

Evoking the taste of one of Nicolas’s favorite desserts, Bakewell Tart, this wonderful blend is a tea-time treat that will satisfy a sweet tooth, and soothe you into a peaceful afternoon.

The earthy, nutty taste is complementary to a cosy autumnal day sitting in front of a roaring fire.

*NOTE - Allergy warning: The tea contains almond nuts. 

Customer Reviews

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Farzeen Farooq

I have had mixed reviews regarding the tea quality when I have guests over. I think it's a great tea, especially steeping with the aroma from this tea. Compared to the Bengal Golden Tea, it is not as fine as I would like, but I would like to see a variety more than anything. Thank you.

Lovely Tea

The tea is very aromatic with essence of almonds. It is a very enjoyable afternoon or after dinner indulgence. I recommend this product to anyone who is interested in the finer things in life such as having a quiet cup of tea just for the pleasure.

PeggyJean Boehnlein

How do I order tea from the US?
Need price i dollars

Jonathan P
Nick nailed it again!

All of his teas are wonderful but this Almond tea is very unique. It has a nice balance of sweetness and it pairs beautifully with pastry or cookies or for breakfast even. The almond doesn't taste artificial its a high quality extract.

Janet Bishop

Shared with my neighbors and they all loved it. A gentle but tasty tea without any bitter aftertaste. Brings me back to my visits to the UK.

M Nicholson
Loose leaf Almond Tea

Definitely a 5 star rating. A delicious tea! Will definitely order again.

Michelle B
Beautiful Tea

Absolutely lovely. This tea smells delightful while brewing and tastes even better!

Carla Moulin
A taste of the French Riviera

The soft aroma of almonds brings you back to a southern French patisserie, absolutely lovely!

Julia G
A cup of almond pleasure

The moment you open the package you know that a cup of almond pleasure awaits! It has a sweet yet nutty taste that cannot be found in other teas!
Love from Canada.

Angela Sharp
Love It!

Great tea! Love it. Thank you.