Botanica Rose Petal Black Loose Leaf Tea


This is a classical scented tea, made with rose petals layered into black china tea. It is the perfect refreshment when spending long afternoons in a beautiful garden in summertime. It has a sweet and full taste with flowery notes. For extra indulgence, a dash of cream may be added.

This Rose Petal Black Tea is a favourite of Nicolas, he enjoys drinking it in the afternoon, and is particularly looking forward to having a cup in his new Edinburgh Garden.

The ritual of serving loose leaf tea will bring refinement to any occasion - whether that be a private moment of peace in the morning, or at an elegant gathering with friends.

100gr / 3.53oz loose leaf tea / contains caffeine 

Sourced and packaged in the UK 

Customer Reviews

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kathy r

I found this tea to be just what I would expect from Nicolas - elegant

Amazing tea

Fabulous tea with a genuine rose infusion, love it.

Linda Stansfield
Botanical Rose Petal tea

This is my second order of Botanical Rose Petal tea. It is simply unlike any tea I have had before. Besides using it to make a cup of tea on its own, I have added a teaspoon to a pot of just black as well as using some in a basic pound cake. Delicious. Thank you Nicolas.

robin MP
New Favorite

I was pleasantly surprised never having Rose flavored tea before, I can say its my new favorite flavor, loved it so much I ordered 2 more!

Jean Aigner

Watching you on tv is most relaxing, informative, and enjoyable! It is a time when one can just enjoy being calm!

Beautiful floral candle

I love the fragrance. To me, it’s a powdery rose scent with green notes in it. It can really fill up a room, which is what I always look for in a room fragrance, but some may find this too strong / cloying. My roommate found this very strong whereas to me this is the strength I like. Can’t comment on the longevity as I use candle warmer. The wax is very soft which may indicate high fragrance concentration. Early on, I accidentally spilled the candle as it took longer than my other candle to harden. Overall, the performance is comparable or even better than some of the luxury candles on the market.

Debbie Estrada

What a beautiful and aromatic tea, I literally can’t stop drinking it it’s so flavorful and delicious. You really outdone yourself. Can’t wait for what’s to come next.

Joey Mastro
Beautiful Tea!

Everything about this tea is amazing-the packaging is gorgeous, the tea is fragrant and beautiful to look at, and of course, it tastes fantastic. All in all, a brilliant product from an incredible content creator.

Phyliss Brassey
Ideal Summer Elixir

Botanical Rose Petal Black Loose Leaf Tea has fast become my favorite drink for summer. Just scent alone brings to mind English Gardens and I can dream away the afternoon.


Beautiful fragrance, beautiful presentation. I’m so delighted with my purchase; I look forward to future product offerings. I can’t wait for Nicholas to issue his tea set… he has such elegant taste.