Botanica Fine Fragrance Candle


Inspired by an English Garden, Botanica is years of memories, experiences, and joy captured in scent. A walk through a vegetable garden, the perfume of a rose being carried by a breeze, the earthiness of the produce being warmed by the sun. Botanica will transport you to the finest Cotswold landscape to experience the pleasure of a botanical garden in bloom. 

We worked with a Cotswold-based perfumer to capture this scent in candle form so that you too can experience these moments for yourselves, wherever you happen to be in the world.

The Botanica scent is a blend of Rose, Marjoram, Pimento, Violet, Patchouli, Musk and Ambergris.

Made in the United Kingdom with natural wax. 40 burn hours. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Carrie Petrick

This candle is not only beautifully packaged, it’s beautifully scented! Very floral and perfumey, in the best way! I can even smell it when it’s not lit. Just lovely! Thank you Nicolas!

Very nice light scent

Beautiful candle and decorative box it came in very welcoming relaxing scent to do studies a d watching Tv. I wish it would last longer it lasted me about 2 weeks burned it every day.

Kathryn Sonek
Favourite candle

This candle is elegant and the scent is quintessential English countryside. The candle does not need to be lit to enjoy the beautiful fragrance. It just makes me happy and I will purchase more to give to friend

Rajashree Ravichandren

I ordered but never received my candles. I ordered two of them. I am very disappointed. I had ordered one last year and really enjoyed.ordered one for my friend and one for myself.

Beautiful and luxurious scent

The candle has a beautiful and luxurious scent which scents the livingroom even when it is not lit. The package is also very nice with the watercolour roses and bees. I will keep this and re-use it.


I loved the rose and earl grey teas along with the the candle. The candle scent is heavenly. So much so that I’ve placed an order for the room decanter too!
Bath salts that smell like that wouldn’t be a bad idea….
Thank you so much for the wonderful YouTube videos. They’re always so calming. Love your style!
Stacy Hawkins

Very Good Quality

I love this candle. The scent and quality are exceptional. I plan on buying a few for myself and gifts.

matthew hadley
Exceptionally good candle, as good if not better than Dyptique.

Beautifully fragranced candle - even before it was lit the perfume was wonderful. The box is a good card quality with exquisite botanical illustrations and a lovely quote from Audrey Hepburn inside the lid (a nice surprise and a lovely touch!). The candle jar is ceramic and coloured inside - really well thought out. The lit candle smells absolutely divine - it reminds me of gardens from spring and summer into early autumn ...very British countryside. I love this candle and will be ordering more, for myself, and as gifts at Christmas.
I have bought Dyptique candles for years but I actually think I prefer this one over my long time favourites! Highly recommended and I look forward to seeing the range expand.

Antonia Campus
This candle is AMAZING!

I have already gifted it to some friends and family.

John Thompson
Excellent product

Bought as a birthday gift for my wife who absolutely loved it.
Would highly recommend.

Candle Care

Candle Care

Avoid Tunneling

To ensure that your candle doesn’t tunnel, the first time you light it be prepared to let it burn until the entire top layer of wax has melted across. Each time you burn the candle after this, it will burn evenly. This is also known as candle memory. If you extinguish the flame before the top layer has melted fully across, it will burn this way each time and the unmelted wax around the edges will create a tunnel, which is essentially wasted fragrance.

Always trim the wick

To prevent your candle from smoking, always trim the wick before each use. This will also keep your candle clean and free of residue.

Dip to extinguish

It always best to extinguish the flame by dipping the wick into the melted wax. When you blow out a candle, the wick continues to burn for a short while, causing it to smoke. Instead dip the wick into the wax to extinguish, and then pull back out so that you can light it next time. I usually do this with the end of a used matchstick, but you could use tweezers, or a blunt knife.