Botanica Fragranced Reed Diffuser


Inspired by an English Garden, Botanica is years of memories, experiences, and joy captured in scent. A walk through a vegetable garden, the perfume of a rose being carried by a breeze, the earthiness of the produce being warmed by the sun. Botanica will transport you to the finest Cotswold landscape to experience the pleasure of a botanical garden in bloom. 

We worked with a Cotswold-based perfumer to capture this scent so that you too can experience these moments for yourselves, wherever you happen to be in the world. 

The Botanica scent is a blend of Rose, Marjoram, Pimento, Violet, Patchouli, Musk and Ambergris. Diffusion Time is approximately 10 weeks 

Customer Reviews

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Edna Tucker
Excellent Product

I am a repeat customer and I could not be happier with the Botanica Fragr anced Reed Diffuser! 5 stars for making my home so delightful smelling 24/7. Ordering and prompt delivery has been excellent. You won't be disappointed with this product.


Excellent quality!

Sarah Ban Breathnach
Wonderful—I wish it was a room spray

The English Garden reeds set is marvelous. I’m using four of them for continuity of fragrance. I would LOVE a room spray to eliminate pet smells and a dried potpourri would make amazing gifts.

Sheila Gurr
Great smell

This was a reorder. The smell is so good. I place the open candles in my closets until I need to burn them. They act as a scented sachet. Will continue purchasing. I’m in the USA and they ship quickly. Great product.

David Malone
Beautiful Diffuser

We are very satisfied with the diffuser. The only concern I have is that this one is not lasting as long as the first one. For the expensive cost, they should go better.

Effin Fantastic

This scent makes me feel like the rich woman I'm hustling to become. I come into my apartment in the evening and smell luxury. I will ALWAYS have this in my home and will give it only to those that deserve this fine scent. Keep up the great work!

robin MP
Beautiful floral

I was happy to see how generous the size of this diffuser was and the scent, lasts a very long time. Adore it! Beautiful product

Best scent out there

Both the candle and the diffuser smell wonderful! I love the smell of violets in it. Violets can have a too sweet scent to them but, the mixture you came up with drys down that sweetness to give a really wonderful clean scent. Any chance of making a soap with this scent?

Jan Ove

Amazing fragrance and luxurious product. This is pure wellness ❤️

Joseph R Ornig
floral fragrance diffuser

Hello, Nicolas-- The fragrance is elusive and pleasant--an interesting blend of different scents. However, the sticks bunched together in the glass bottle can produce too strong a scent for one room. What I found best is to "wet" the sticks and place them around different rooms. That way, you walk into the room and you are aware of a scent,but you can't place it int any spot...Less is more, etc. Altogether, it is worth the money, and adds a grace-note to my home. Keep developing a product line at this quality level. You don't have a lot of competition, at least over here!
Joseph R Ornig USA