BRIDGERTON IS BACK - A look at the houses and sets in season 2 of the hit Netflix series

I don't know about you, but after finishing the last episode of The Gilded Age, I was yearning for another beautiful period drama. Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long - Bridgerton has returned!

I'll be honest - when I watched this show for the first time, I was underwhelmed. I think I was expecting a more serious drama - like Downton Abbey, and didn't really like the comedic aspect. BUT, it quickly grew on me, and I ended up falling in love with Bridgerton. 

One of the things I enjoy the most about this show is the absolutely beautiful sets and interiors. Despite what is going on in my day, I always feel boosted when I switch on Netflix and get to enjoy an hour or two of pastel-hued-heaven in the sumptuous interiors that have become synonymous with Bridgerton. 

Bridgerton House - home of the Bridgerton Family

Bridgerton House is the London home of the Bridgerton Family. The wisteria seems to bloom eternally on this blessed house! The actual location is Rangers House, Greenwich - a National Trust property which houses The Wernher Collection, a world-class art collection amassed by the 19th-century businessman, Sir Julius Wernher.

The Grand Saloon is the heart of Bridgerton House - we often see the family gathered here before leaving for an elegant ball. It is actually filmed at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. 

The Bridgerton Family Morning Room. Most of the interior rooms were built on a sound stage. Production designer Will Hughes-Jones was greatly inspired by the sets from Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette - a highly visual film with the most beautiful details. 

The similarities between the two are quite obvious, with hues of pastel blue, delicate pink, and an abundance of flowers and cakes.

In this new season we are introduced to the country home of the Bridgerton Family - Aubrey Hall - the exterior scenes of which were shot at Wrotham Park.

Featherington House - home of the Featherington family. The exterior of this house is actually No.1 Royal Crescent - a regency museum in the City of Bath. 

I always enjoy seeing the grand staircase at Featherington House. As with Bridgerton House, the rooms in the Featherington residence were created on a sound stage.

The Drawing Room - although designed to be little 'nouveau riche' I think it is still charming.

Perhaps the most beautiful residence in the show - Danbury House is the home of Lady Danbury - the exterior is the Holburne Museum in Bath. The interiors were created on a sound stage.

An interior shot - a pink palace for the formidable Lady Danbury. Kate Sharma, Bridgerton's newest character, stands on the staircase.

Set designer Hughes-Jones said that the pink tones throughout the home of Lady Danbury were deliberate, so that the viewer would recognise that they were in her space. 

In season 2, Lady Danbury hosts a ball - this was filmed in the conservatory at Syon Park.

The Modiste Boutique owned by Madame Delacroix - the setting for much gossip by ladies of the Ton. This charming facade is again located in Bath.

A garden scene. Production designers had to battle with the harsh British weather - this particular scene was filmed in December - the magic of film!

For more Bridgerton magic, tune into YouTube on Friday April 1 for my new video.

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  • Apr 05, 2022

    I totally agree with Jude R, who needs Netflix when we have you! I can live without Netflix but you really have made such a difference to my life, I simply can’t live without your videos!! I just love the way you speak, your honesty, your sense of calm, your passion for everything you do, it’s just all so joyous, so thankyou for that. But goodness the sets etc and pics you have shared are just out of this world and the elegance and charm so beautiful, I really would like to watch it now. I so enjoyed Downton. Thankyou for this blog xx

    — Christine

  • Apr 02, 2022

    Dear Nicolas – you have done it again!! beautiful pics & to me – who has never had the luxury of stepping into a period home such as the one illustrated I find the interior of the halls & the period pieces of furniture so stunning – thank you for the pleasure you bring into our lives – I don’t have Netflix – I don’t need it – we have you Nicolas!!


    — Jude Ropata

  • Apr 01, 2022

    Great article Nicolas ! I’ve never seen Bridgerton though I have Netflix but it surely made me want to watch it 😀

    — Lauryn

  • Mar 31, 2022

    Nicolas, thank you so much for this!! Now I am sure I am gonna see Bridgerton. I had started but I did not really like too much the first episode. Thanks!! 😉🌷🌷🌷

    — Marilú Daboin

  • Mar 31, 2022

    Nicolas, thank you so much for this!! Now I am sure I am gonna see Bridgerton. I had started but I did not really like too much the first episode. Thanks!! 😉🌷🌷🌷

    — Marilú Daboin

  • Mar 31, 2022

    Andrew Gabert; B.A., RMT.

    Thank you, ever so much, for sharing this Blog. I adore everything Downton or Bridgerton; I’ve yet to see Season 2, but definitely look forward to it. My family has always lived with antiques and my father in law was an avid collector, so the sets of these period pieces are golden appreciations for me.
    Thanks again!

    — Andrew Gabert

  • Mar 31, 2022

    Thank you for the scoop on the sets. Britain has a wealth of historic architectural treasures. We live not far from Newport RI where most of The Gilded Age was shot. The Preservation Society of Newport ( we are members) were delighted to offer their houses for filming especially when many of the properties were closed due to COVID. Renting out properties (personal or institutional) can be very lucrative and helps pay for the expensive upkeep.

    — Karen

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