My New 'Botanica' Fine Fragrance Candle

Home fragrance is a passion of mine - something that enriches my life and makes it more beautiful. I love how it evokes memories and feelings, creates a welcoming atmosphere for our guests, and how such a small object can elevate our personal space in such an impactful way.

When I first decided I would like to start my own brand just over a year ago, I told my business partner, Vanessa, that it had always been a dream of mine to have my own scented candle. In sync in so many ways, it was an ambition of hers also.
For me, the most wonderful things in life are those which are all around us in nature. My happiest times have been spent enjoying the pleasures of a beautiful garden, surrounded by lovely things with no monetary value - the scent of a flower as it is carried through a breeze, the sound of buzzing bees as they go about their business, or the comforting warmth of the sun in the springtime after a long winter. I wanted to capture all of these memories in my first fragrance - this was the genesis of Botanica. 

Deciding on which fragrance notes we wanted to use in our candle was the first step in a long process. Vanessa and I both agreed that the scent of Rose should define the candle, a flower that is so evocative of an English Garden. We also knew that we didn’t want the candle to smell too sweet and that it should have earthy undertones, like you would experience in a vegetable garden, perhaps.

With this as our guiding principle, we contacted a Cotswold-based perfumer to create the fragrance for us. We gave a detailed brief of not only fragrance notes, but also how we wanted to make people feel when they lit the candle. Our fragrance expert achieved what we had been hoping for in the first sample - Botanica was born.

The next step was to design the actual vessel, and the packaging for the candle. I thought about all of the elements that made me think of an English Garden and then looked through photos that I’d taken in gardens that I’d visited over the years. 

I have always admired Botanical Art, and knew that I wanted the packaging for the candle to emulate the style of botanical art that I’ve had in my homes throughout my adult life. I contacted an artist that I’d discovered through Instagram, Israel de Alcantara, to ask if he would be able to create a series of illustrations based on the photos I’d taken in gardens over the years.

We worked together closely, painstakingly going over every detail to make sure that the vision for the packaging could be realised. We are all delighted with how it turned out, and I think it perfectly captures the beauty and pleasures of a garden. 

Here at Nicolas Fairford we have spent a lot of time focusing on every aspect of Botanica in the hope that all those who purchase it will enjoy not only the scent, but the entire experience.

I personally have centred my life and career around sharing beauty - this is my next offering which I hope you will love!

Nicolas x

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